Humo is a brand developed by smokers for smokers.  We understand that smoking provides an experience of relaxation and Zen like how a wine lover enjoys a delicious blend.  We are seeing more educated professionals be more open about enjoying a great smoke or flower.  We know because we are one of you.  We also know there is one universal challenge every smoker grapples with.. that is the strong musty odor a great smoke can trail behind… for this reason, we developed an all-natural, earth friendly, safe, and effective way to combat that issue for smokers.  Every other odor eliminator product  on the market targets “pot heads”, which to us is the old way of grouping cannabis smokers into a demographic that is just not the case any longer .  We know that in 2022 the people who are enjoying smoking range in ages from young adult all the way to senior citizens and from students all the way to PHD ’ed professionals and everyone in-between.  Our packaging is discreet, convenient, has zero mention on the label that it is intended to eliminate cannabis smoke smell.

What Makes Us Different

Most odor eliminators are full of chemical compounds that can cause throat, nose, and eye irritations.  Not only are they potentially bad for your health, they only cover up the smell temporarily with heavy obnoxious perfume scents.  Humo destroys the smoke molecule on contact.  It leaves a clean, light scent behind that dissipates completely within a few minutes.  Our simple pump sprayer releases a fine mist to make sure your surfaces do not become oily or saturated.  Our product is safe around kids, pets and people with sensitivity or allergies.