How do I get rid of weed smell when I travel?

Getting rid of cannabis smell is a universal problem all smokers share.  Its musty, it’s obvious and its stinky..  Weather it’s your car, a hotel room, a crowded room or boarding an airplane.. you want a discreet solution to this problem.  Humo has developed a plant based, all-natural formulation that will annihilate the remanence of the lingering smoke odor.  We have designed our product label and packaging with the traveler in mind. 

Our 2 oz bottle is perfect for purse, plane, laptop case, briefcase, or backpack.  Our amber color bottle is as beautiful as a bottle of perfume.  There is no mention on the label of cannabis.  Most of our competitors market their smoke odor eliminator to the old idea of a  “pot head”.  We at Humo, know the demographic of the typical smoker is changing.  Modern smokers are smart, selective, sophisticated, and educated.  Our product are so safe and effective, you can use them around children, pets and people with sensitivities to certain scents.  When traveling don’t forget your HUMO spray so you can enjoy your smoke on the go.