How do I get rid of weed smell in my home?

Getting rid of marijuana smoke smell in the home.

Prevention here is key to keeping the pot smell under control. Use our smell proof pouch to keep your stash from stinking up the joint. Airtight jars help also. Anything left in a regular container not only becomes stale quickly, but it also contributes to long lasting and deeply entrenched stank in the place. Preventing this in the first place is the most pro-active step you can take to control odor. Remember to dump out ashtrays as soon as your done with your session. Smoke by open windows if possible. Air filtration filters left on help a lot as well. Even house plants help filter out pollution naturally.

Let’s just say that you took zero measures to prevent odor build up and your mother-in-law just phoned that she is on her way to pay a surprise visit. Yikes… now you have zero time for regrets and only a few minutes before she shows up to “nose” around. Marijuana dank is literally in your carpet, upholstery and curtains.. not to mention hanging out on every dust molecule floating around your abode.

  • Step 1. Get all pot stash in sealed bags or containers and put in the fridge (hide it)
  • Step 2. Open windows. Hopefully you have a fresh cross breeze.
  • Step 3. Pump one of the Humo plant-based smoke odor eliminator sprays about 3-4 times in each room, near your curtains, on your rugs, on your upholstery (spot check first).
  • Step 4. If you have time, vacuum the rugs and upholstered sofas.
  • Step 5. Pump a few more spritz of the spray over the freshly vacuumed rugs and furniture.

Within moments, the air will feel and smell much fresher as the proprietary ingredients activate in the air, finding and annihilating the smoke smell.

You can feel good about using HUMO. It is nontoxic, natural and plant based.