How do I get rid of weed smell in a vehicle?

smoke smell in a vehicle

First and foremost, NEVER drive stoned!  You should never drive while under the influence of marijuana and we are NOT endorsing doing so whatsoever.  Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, lets discuss a universal problem most cannabis smokers have… odor control, especially in small, confined spaces. 

The part of the cannabis plant that you smoke is the flower, and much like other types of flowers, it’s packed with ‘terpenes’ that produce intense odor (especially when burned). When you smoke pot in small spaces like your car, these smelly molecules get trapped in the air and surfaces. There are times that we either store or smoke the pungent substance in our vehicles.  This can create an odor bomb of dank.  If you have cloth seats… watch out.  Interestingly enough, chemical laden air fresheners don’t quite cut the mustard. They tend to only mask the smell temporarily and then viola.. the smell returns only mustier. 

The solution is a plant-based combination of essential oils, natural emulsifiers and another proprietary ingredient only found in HUMO. Odor is not only eliminated but annihilated. Open your car doors and give about 3-6 good pumps with our fine mist sprayer.  Let the ingredients dissipate naturally and then repeat. For extremely stinky cars, repeat the process again the following day.  If you combine this with bags of charcoal hidden discreetly under your seats, your car should be smelling fresh and clean.