Why is HUMO more effective than other smoke odor eliminator sprays?

Humo does not just mask an environment with obnoxious perfumy smells.  Humo annihilates odors at the molecular level, erasing even the slightest trace of smoke smell.  Our product attaches to the smoke molecule and erases it from your room, car, your clothes, furniture.


Why is HUMO more expensive than other smoke odor eliminator sprays?

Humo sprays are derived from nature.  We use only plant based ingredients and natural emulsifiers to mix our scents.  We use zero synthetic chemicals or harsh ingredients.  Most other odor eliminator sprays use these cheap chemical alternatives. 


What does HUMO mean? 

HUMO is Spanish for smoke.


What scents are available?

Currently we have lemon, lavender, and vanilla.  We are always working on product development to bring more options to our customers.


Can I use HUMO near kids / pets/ furniture finishes?

Yes.  Humo is safe to use around babies, young kids, pets, and all furniture finishes.  The spray mechanism disburses the spray as a find mist.  You only need a few pumps of the product in a small room to render its effectiveness. 


Can I spray HUMO onto my clothes?

Yes.  HUMO can be sprayed directly onto clothes to eliminate smoke smell.


What kind of smoke smells is HUMO effective on?

HUMO is effective on all types of smoke smells.  Cigarette, pipes, cigars and cannabis.