How to Remove Smoke Odor from your Clothes: Top 3 Natural Methods

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How to Remove Smoke Odor from your Clothes: Top 3 Natural Methods

Frequent cannabis users can attest that lingering smoke odor on your clothes can be one of the hardest things to remove. Our clothes are porous fabrics that allow the odor to seep into their fibers and, since cannabis is not as widely accepted as it should be, walking into work or a family gathering smelling like a bong is typically frowned upon.

However, there are three natural and effective ways to remove cannabis smoke odor from your clothing. Forget the strong perfumy scents of cologne or harsh chemicals in commercial laundry boosters. Try these 3 easy, natural tips on how to remove smoke odor from your clothes next time you’re in a pinch.


Wash with Baking Soda

Baking soda is magic for eliminating pesky odors. People often use it in their refrigerator to remove the odor of rotting food, or inside their shoes to remove foot odor. Did you know that it can also be used to wash your clothes?

If you’re wondering how to remove smoke odor from your clothes, simply wash them on the warmest setting they can stand and include 1 cup of baking soda during the rinse cycle. Your clothes should come out clean and odorless!


Smoke Odor Eliminator

What if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to put your clothes through the washing machine? Introducing: smoke odor eliminators. They are a great answer for how to remove smoke odor from your clothes. These handy little sprays can have your garments smelling clean and fresh in just a few seconds.

When choosing a product, look for natural, plant-based smoke odor eliminators. These sprays will not have any harsh chemicals or strong artificial scents that can cause skin, eye, or nose irritation.


Soak in Vinegar

For extremely stubborn cannabis smoke odors, a vinegar bath may be necessary. While this method does take the longest, it can typically remove that bothersome lingering smell.

How to remove smoke odor from your clothes with Vinegar:

Before machine washing your clothes, place them in the sink and fill with warm water until they are completely submerged. Then, add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and let them soak for 1-2 hours.