Blunts vs. Joints: the eternal debate

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Blunts vs. Joints: the eternal debate

Time for a smoke session? You have a couple options for rolling up.

One of the best ways to get high is with blunts or joints, but which one you like more is up to your own preference.

Try them both and see whether joints or blunts give you the best high.

Blunts vs. Joints: the eternal debate

There are some key differences between blunts and joints, each one providing a distinctive smoking experience.

For cannabis newbies, learning to roll can be pretty tricky. Typically, learning to roll blunts is harder than learning to roll joints, but everyone is unique.

The other main differences between blunts and joints? Papers, size, and shareability.


Joints are similar to cigarettes, while blunts are similar to cigars. In fact, some blunts are just cigars that have been cut open, emptied, and stuffed with cannabis flower.

Another way to roll a blunt is with natural tobacco leaf. If you are sensitive to nicotine, you can roll a blunt with hemp leaf instead.

Joints are rolled with thin papers. Adding a filter at the end of your joints provides a more enjoyable hit. Joints rolled with both cannabis flower and tobacco are called spliffs.

Some people add keif, wax, budder, and other concentrates to their blunts and joints to increase the THC content even more.


Most joints are only a third of a gram in size. If you plan to share with more than one friend, roll up a joint that is filled with a half to one gram of weed.

Although joints vary in size, blunts are typically bigger than your average joint. Thicker and longer than joints, blunts contain about six times as much flower.

Sharing Blunts and Joints

Due to their size and slow-burn, blunts are easier to pass than joints. That’s not to say that a joint isn’t a great addition to a smoke session, but it’s easy to see the benefits of passing a durable blunt around a smoke circle.

If you are smoking a lot of weed, keep a rolling tray on hand for easy clean up. Don’t forget your grinder and a lighter too.

When hanging with friends, remember that one blunt will last much longer than one joint. If you’re smoking joints during your sesh, expect to get really good at rolling – you’ll be doing a lot of it.

Pro rolling tips for joints and blunts

Crappy joints burn unevenly, wasting good bud and making it hard to take a nice hit.

Practice makes perfect, so know that learning to roll a good blunt or joint can take time.  While you’re working on your rolling game,  be sure to have pre-rolls on hand for a premium smoking experience in the meantime.

You can hack your rolling game by stuffing pre-rolled cones with your own fresh flower. There is also the option to use a rolling machine to create perfectly-uniform joints right at home.

But what’s our best tip for rolling joints and blunts?


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